Who is Andrew Newton?

Professional Designer & Developer of screen based media.

Andrew Newton
Andrew had his first job as a web developer back in 1999, after his Degree in Graphic Design and has roughly 20.181207646417 years industry experience dealing with client interaction, design and programming. Working on a broad range of internet driven solutions, desktop applications, mobile apps, eLearning and games.

Blending Form & Function

His intent is to better blend design and code, than these two separate job roles manage. By understanding both disciplines he can apply the best of both worlds. His portfolio covers a large range of roles such as interface design, animation, interaction and back end. This rare career path of both designer and developer has taken Andrew into senior positions in both disciplines and also into mentoring others who work with him.

New technologies, styles, theories, best practices and approaches are always emerging or growing. Andrew takes a very active role in being contemporary through research, news and personal experiments. He then merges this into what he creates commercially.

Experienced Designer

An experienced seasoned designer who has led the art direction for many clients. A classically trained artist who studied at Reigate Art School and achieved a Degree in Graphic Design at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design.

He was the Web Art Director for Arcadia and led the online look and feel for many of their fashion brands. Such as the Flash e-commerce Topshop website. This was a weekly changing high profile site which demanded very strong slick design skills. During his time, the site was very successful in spite of the fact that this was during the 90s dot com recession and where it's target audience's age is too young to own credit cards.

Experienced Developer

Andrew started programming at a very young age with Basic on the BBC Micro. This interest led him into a heavy early adopter of Future Splash which later was renamed to the Flash Platform. Then onto many other technologies such as database development, multiple user applications and tablet/phone Apps. While knowledgeable in many frameworks he can program in many popular programming languages such as Java, C, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, OpenGL, ActionScript and many ones not so well known too. A career path this long inevitably results in primary skills being made redundant or superseded and he has proven adaptable to these industry trends.

Award Winning

AwardHe programmed the till simulator and e-learning course for B&Q, which won 1st place for ‘Best use of Technology for Employee Development' at the 2006 European Retail Solutions Awards. A system which was used to train and support over 25,000 B&Q staff during the implementation of a new Electronic Point of Sale system earlier that year. Unlike most eLearning which is very linear, the simulator operates like a real till. This provides advanced functionality such as multiple paths to completion. Following high level programming principles (such as Model-View-Controller pattern), the instructions to set the customer's decisions are externally based. This separation allowed for hundreds of scenario transactions to be easily built. After completing the conventional guided course the simulator runs random transactions so users can improve their experience and confidence.

Portfolio Clients

Andrew has worked for many clients some of the more well known are: B&Q, Boots, John Lewis, GlaxoSmithKline, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Topman, Burtons, Principles, Arcadia Group, Abbey National, Hewlett Packard, Intel, The Pier, NTL, Rangemaster, Vodafone, Telewest, Rotork, Solvay, JCB, Pret A Manger, GE, Easynet, Reiss, FCUK, Cannons Health Clubs, Bibendum Wine, Gramophone Magazine, Commonwealth Secretariat, Lombard, MBDA Systems, Marks & Spencer and Marjorie Orr the Astrologer.

Design Philosophy

It's all well and good paying for advertising in the right location or getting your print work in the hands of the right people at the right companies or being first in Google. But if the actual message you are delivering fails to evoke a response in your target audience then it's a waste of money, resources and opportunity. Design is not the icing on the cake where you just choose a colour and a font. Professional design is far more of a science than an art. Effective design identifies why people want to use your product or service, how you are going to help them and what you offer to achieve this. It then packages this message in what appears at face value, as something that just looks visually appealing. In fact it has careful consideration of form and composition that aims to evoke the right psychological and emotional response that attracts the readers attention and generates interest in your product or service. It should create a desire for what you are offering or clearly carry the message your communicating.

Andrew understands how people read, process, think and react to design. He understands the common key psychological traits that affect your target audience when they make decisions. How readability and legibility affects accessibility and not just for the disabled but all of us. We all can't read small text as well as we could when we were younger and often don't have the time or patience to try. That colours have cultural meaning and how colours can be affected by common colour blindness. That planning the order, pacing, space, flow of material and hierarchy of information can affect your message being digested properly. How integrating the design's elements provides a unified coherent message rather than confusing the audience. That the actual final fabrication of the work requires consideration of the limitations of the media involved. How little changes in the design can affect the final response in a large way and how current fashions can set you apart but also fade you into common surrounding trends.

Experienced Director

Andrew is a Director of SpaceRocket. SpaceRocket is an indie Android app development studio consisting of two brothers based in England. It currently has 4 apps in the Google Play Store. They are FREE, so download them today from Google Play. SpaceRocket are currently working on some more apps so check @spacerocketapps for updates.