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Get It Logo App IconThis Lux Meter is a great way for you to judge the light values from around the home, workshop and office. Is one room brighter than another? Our App helps you work out if you need to fit brighter light bulbs or additional light sources.

Our Lux Meter shows the sensor output on screen in Lux or Foot Candle (FC). With the Hold Function results can be held on screen. The Save Function saves the digital display results to the device and are visible on screen for future use. The display shows which options are active. As every device is different our app shows you the maximum values you can get from your device’s sensor. The app includes guides on how to use the Lux Meter, how to calibrate and a list of typical readings you will find around the home, workshop and office.


The app includes the ability to change the colour of the body and cover casing. You can have any colour you like as the app gives you a hue/saturation/darkness colour slider. Your selected colour is then blended in places to get rich depths of tone. If you really want a bright pink Lux Meter you can.

Accuracy and Calibration

Our app uses your device’s Ambient Light Sensor which measures light in units of Lux. The only job the sensor is designed for is to dim the screen when it gets dark. Because the sensor isn’t designed to work as a Lux Meter the accuracy and range it can deal with can vary greatly between devices. Even if your device isn’t that accurate or sensitive it may still be useful for judging differences in light values. Our app includes instructions of how to calibrate your device to improve results.



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