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Get It Logo MagnetometerMagnetometer IconThis Magnetometer is a great way for you to detect electromagnetic fields. By using your device’s inbuilt geomagnetic field sensor we can measure fields in the X, Y and Z axis. All electrical devices give off magnetic fields in various strengths, some can be dangerous to your health. Our app allows you to find electromagnetic fields (EMF) around the home, workshop and office. You can use it to detect cables in walls, anomalies, electromagnetic interference or find out what strong magnetic fields surround you every day.

The app shows its results individually (x, y and z) and as a combined total in units of micro-Tesla (uT). The analogue needle quickly shows readings jumping from positive to negative and has 3 levels of magnification, ideal to adjust sensitivity. The Audio Function changes the frequency of sound to let you know the strengths of fields. The Hold Function results can be held on screen to use later. The app also has a Zero Function to remove any background fields like the Earth’s magnetic field (30-70 uT). As every device is different our app shows you the maximum values you can get from your device’s sensor. The app includes guides on how to use the magnetometer, how to calibrate and a list of typical readings you will find around the home, workshop and office.


The app includes the ability to change the colour of the background, dial, markings and digital numbers. You can have any colour you like as the app gives you a hue/saturation/darkness colour slider. Your selected colour is then blended in places to get rich depths of tone. If you really want a bright pink Magnetometer you can.


We suggest that you calibrate the sensor every time you use it to maintain accurate readings. Instructions are in the app. Please note the accuracy of this app relies on the accuracy of your device’s sensors. By using this App you agree SpaceRocket cannot be held responsible for damaged caused to your device or yourself by placing it near strong magnetic fields.



Magnetometer Screenshot

Magnetometer Screenshot

Magnetometer Screenshot

Magnetometer Screenshot

Magnetometer Screenshot

Magnetometer Screenshot


If your having problems with the app rather than submitting a negative review please contact support so we can resolve the issue for you and help other users as well.

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